Vibrant (read: vaɪbrənt) - Someone or something that is vibrant is full of life, energy, and enthusiasm. (ref. Collins dictionary)

We are inspired by the connection between nature's elements and energy based on basic philosophy. That is why we have developed Vibrant Surf, which binds together water, air/wind, fire and earth. When the head, body and nature are in balance, everything vibrates at the same frequency in flow.

We want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to be in their flow zone, happy to push new boundaries and have good experiences. With the Vibrant Surf concept, we follow the new Wingfoil trend and offer inflatable, collapsible and light equipment at a "fair" price that can be adapted to everyone. In addition, we are constantly looking for new solutions and products.

Here, both those who are curious about "flying" over the water are encouraged, while the whole family can combine the use of the equipment with other water activities. Upgrade the SUP board with our WingSUPgrade or find an old windsurf board with a keel to get started with the sailing wing. The wing is just as fun in winter, and with zero friction on skates, it's super easy to handle at high speed on the ice. Also welcome the wind to be able to fly over the plains on skis or snowboards.

We want to be at one with nature's elements with the series:

  • Vibrant WATER - Hydrofoil board
  • Vibrant WIND - Sail wings
  • Vibrant FIRE - Hydrofoils, WingSUPgrade
  • Vibrant EARTH - Accessories

“Be on the surf with good vibes – Vibrant Surf”

The people behind

Emil Horgen Rasmussen, general manager, market and sales
Entrepreneur, committed and energetic. Is a social team player who likes to compete. Emil is keen to reach customers and offer the right products at the right price in order to create good customer experiences. Constantly looking for new products and solutions.

Jorunn Horgen, product developer
Lifelong windsurfing career from the start in the 80s where windsurfing was the coolest and newest thing. Has traveled the world, competed and won many championships with NOR-6 as his sailing number. Windsurfing has been a passion all his life and Jorunn is still curious, likes to try everything new, sees new opportunities and develops new solutions.

Production and manufacturing team
The production workers and product designers are the foundation for our products. They ensure the highest quality, performance and customization. We work closely with them to further develop Vibrant Surf, so that customers can get the products that suit their needs and provide the best experiences.

Christopher Owen
Henrik Trondsgård
Private pictures

"Vibrant Surf - designed by NOR-6"