Rechargeable electric pump

Rechargeable electric pump

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Powerful electric pump with dual function, air filling and compressor.

Whether you are a Wingfoiler, SUP board paddler, RIB owner or other water sports enthusiast, this innovative pump will be your ultimate tool for preparing your water sports equipment quickly and easily. With their versatility and ease of use, it is no wonder that such pumps are becoming increasingly popular. The pressure is adjustable from 0-20 PSI. The pump is supplied with 4 adapters for different valves. As an example, a normal sized SUP board is pumped up to 15 PSI in less than 10 minutes. The pump has an air flow of 350L/min, which is one of the most powerful and fastest on the private market.

The rechargeable 12V SUP pump gives you the freedom to inflate wherever you are. Whether you are at the beach, by the lake or on holiday somewhere far from home, you can easily take the pump with you and have the board inflated in no time. You no longer have to worry about searching for an external power source or having to hand pump for ages. With the rechargeable pump, you can save time and energy, so you can get out on the water quickly and fully enjoy the paddling experience.

Efficiency and speed are the keywords here. The electric pump is designed to achieve quick and even air filling. With its powerful motor and adjustable pressure levels, you can easily adjust the inflation as needed. The pump stops automatically when the desired pressure is reached, so you avoid excessive filling and possible damage to the board. You can count on this pump to give you reliable and accurate inflation every time, saving you time and effort.

Not only is the rechargeable 12V pump convenient and efficient, but it is also compact and portable. The light and manageable design makes it easy to transport the pump wherever you want to go. It takes up minimal space in your luggage or in the storage compartment of your boat, so you can take it with you everywhere. You don't have to worry about cumbersome inflation methods or large and unwieldy pumps.

Safety is also an important factor to consider. The built-in pressure sensor gives you full control over the inflation process, and you can be sure that the board will be correctly inflated without risk of damage. However, never use the pump for more than 15 minutes, before it has the same amount of time to cool down.

With 350l/min blowing effect, and setting of up to 20PSI, you get the most powerful of what is on the private market of rechargeable RIB and SUP pumps. You can pump up 2-3 SUP boards before the battery needs to be charged. When using a 12v cigarette lighter, you have unlimited access to air, but still, maximum use 15 minutes per session.

The pump is supplied with a charging cable for Norwegian households, a 12v cable for use in a car or boat and four different nozzles for inflating different products/valves. Pumps are delivered in the color black.

Contents of the package:

  • Pump with built-in battery. (7500mah)
  • Air hose, 1 meter.
  • 4 different valve adapters.
  • 3 meter cable for 12v plug. (Power output)
  • Charging cable with plug. (Only charged when using the 220v cable.)

Technical info:

  • Adjustable pressure: 1-20PSI
  • Airflow: 350L/min (low pressure). 70L/min (high pressure.)
  • Blow in and out effect.
  • Battery types: 12V, rechargeable LiPo.
  • Power type: Li-polymer (LiPo).
  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh*6 (15000mAh).
  • Power supply: Built-in battery, 12v cable connected to the car/boat's 12v plug.
  • Digital LCD display.
  • Carrying handle.
  • Charger included: Yes, 220V.
  • Charging time: Fully charged after approx. 3-4 hours.
  • Loudness: <85dB
  • Weight: About 1.5 kg.
  • Outer packaging dimensions: 32x15x20cm.
  • Pump dimensions: 27.6x18.5x12.8cm
  • Length of air hose: 100cm.
  • CE approved product.

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En ekstra hjelper!

Spar kreftene til SUP padlingen. Jeg er superfornøyd med å slippe manuell pumping av SUP brettet. Nå kan jeg konsentrere meg om å bruke kreftene til padling og moro på sjøen. Jeg anbefaler oppladbar SUP pumpe til alle jeg kjenner!