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VIBRANT FIRE 1100 - complete hydrofoil

VIBRANT FIRE 1100 - complete hydrofoil

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VIBRANT FIRE 1100 – complete hydrofoil

Complete hydrofoil with a large and stable front wing with a wingspan of 1100 mm, 245 mm center width and an area of ​​2100 cm2. A foil that gives good lift for beginners in all weight classes and heavier, more experienced foilers. The foil slides through the water with minimal "drag" and good speed, and is nevertheless stable and easy to swing in the waves and jibs. The rear wing or stabilizer as it is also called ensures easy take off and stability with its flat profile and a wingspan of 485 mm. The wings are made of pre-preg carbon which provides rigid, solid and light constructions.

The mast is made of aluminum with a good aerodynamic profile and fastens with long threads to both the fuselage and the base plate, which is also aluminum in orange "fire" colour. The choice of mast depends on how high you want to fly above the water and the waves and how deep it is where you go out. For shorter people, it may be easier to handle a lower mast. You can choose between a mast height of 800 mm and 900 mm depending on the area of ​​use.
The fuselage layer is available in lengths of 700 mm or 800 mm, where the longest of 800 provides more stability and is the one to choose if the foil is to be used for windsurfing as well. There are two options with an 800 mm fuselage together with an 800 mm mast, and a 700 mm fuselage together with a 900 mm mast. Fuselage has replaceable (helicoil) threads with 8 mm in the front and 6 mm in the back. Deep, strong and stable attachment for the mast with 8 mm screws.
The package contains a screw set with all screws, solid brass nuts for the base plate and Allen keys.

The hydrofoil can be attached to the board with a US fin box with a standard base plate or a Tuttle box for windsurf boards. When purchasing a complete foil, it comes with a practical bag with pockets for the various parts.

We have tested the foil on wingfoil, windfoil and wakefoil, and here you get an all-round foil where you can master "flying".

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