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VIBRANT WATER - Hydrofoil board 5'7''

VIBRANT WATER - Hydrofoil board 5'7''

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The Vibrant Water hydrofoil boards are light, inflatable, sturdy, easy to pack up and take on a trip or clean away. The price is also much more reasonable than the hard hydrofoil boards and the functionality impressive. With a large carbon plate with standard double US fin box for the hydrofoil, and a solid pressure of 15 psi, the boards are more than stiff enough for good lift and comfortable to stand on when you "fly". The boards have good width and a flat back which provides easy "take off".

The boards are made in "double stitch fusion" material which is stiff and light and can withstand a lot. With a normal SUP valve and attachment for "leash" and foot straps, it is a well-proven SUP board technology.

We have chosen to make a board with a box for the front fin to make it easier to get started with wingfoils, in addition to the fact that the board has a mast foot attachment for smaller windsurfing rigs that can be used by the whole family.

We have tested the board with a front fin and two rear fins in the double fin boxes. It worked surprisingly well to get started with the wing without a foil and was easy to cross upwind and jibe the board around. Simply a full-fledged hydrofoil board that is also a multi-purpose board for the whole family.

5'7” x 28”x5” / 170 cm x 71 cm x 13 cm
120 litres, 7 kg

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