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VIBRANT SURF - Wingfoil package

VIBRANT SURF - Wingfoil package

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Put together your complete wingfoil package adapted to your needs, size and skill level, and get a really good offer.

The VIBRANT WATER hydrofoil boards are light, inflatable, sturdy, easy to pack up and take on a trip or clean up. The price is also much more reasonable than the hard hydrofoil boards and the functionality impressive. With a large carbon plate with standard double US fin box for the hydrofoil, and a solid pressure of 15 psi, the boards are more than stiff enough for good lift and comfortable to stand on when you "fly". The boards have good width and a flat back which provides easy "take off". The boards are made in "double stitch fusion" material which is stiff and light and can withstand a lot. Standard SUP valve and attachment for "leash" and foot straps, and with well-proven SUP board technology. Coil leash, repair kit, V foot strap at the front and single at the back and a large bag/sack with room for everything that needs to be taken on a trip.

6'5'' at 140 small is a stable beginner's board and to develop for the heaviest. The board also has a mast foot attachment for a windsurf rig and a front fin that makes it easier to keep the height when crossing. The 5'7'' board of 120l is nice to get started with rapids for lighter people and nice to develop on. In addition, we have 5'1'' of 90 l, which is more playful for the next generation.

The VIBRANT FOIL hydrofoil is solidly built with an aluminum mast with the correct aerodynamic profile, base and fuselage in aluminum and everything with deep threaded fasteners and 8mm screws. The front wings and stabilizers are made of pre-preg carbon and sandwich construction which gives stiff, solid and light wings with a top finish and optimal profile.

Choose the right size for your weight and skill level for the best experience. The choice of mast depends on how high you want to fly above the water, wave height and how deep it is where you go out. For shorter people, it may be easier to handle an 800 mm mast instead of a 900 mm one. In waves, a 900 mm mast would be preferable. The choice of the front wing is the most decisive for getting lift out of the water. For those who are new to the sport and among the heaviest, in addition to those who want to fly in low winds, we have the 1300 front wing which is unique. The 1100 is a safe choice for beginners and is easy to get started with and a safe light-wind front wing. For lighter people, the choice is between the 940 and 900, where the 900 is flatter with a lot of lift and the 940 is more playful and manoeuvrable. The stabilizers are available in two sizes. The 485 is stable and simple and fits all front wings. 400 is more playful, turns tighter and gives slightly less "drag" and fits the smallest front wings. The hydrofoils are delivered complete with screw sets and in a separate bag with pockets for all the parts.

The VIBRANT WIND sail wings are light and have a solid construction with two separate SUP valves which we believe is the best solution both for safety and simplicity, and makes it possible to choose different pressures up to 7 psi. The wings have two solid and firm handles that are stable and easy to hold, and reinforcements that withstand the pressure from both the inside and outside of the tubes.

The sail wings are available in sizes from 2.8 m2 to 7.0 m2, with the most used sizes being 5.2 and 6.2. The wing provides a stable force that gives good lift so that it is as easy as possible to "fly". It is easy to pump with just a few pumps to lift up into flying position on a wingfoil, ideal for getting started on a SUP board, windsurf board with keel. In addition, winging on skates is a fantastic speed experience and winging can be used on skis or snowboards across the expanses.

The gliders are supplied with a light "leash" with built-in elastic in a rucksack. The pump that comes with it fits both the sail wing and the board.

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Customer Reviews

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Kristian Oltedal
Bra Wingfoil pakke til god pris, kan anbefales!

Kjøpte 120l oppblåsbart brett, foil og winge for 1.5 år siden. Det har fungert supert , fint å lære på, praktisk å ha med i bilen. God service ved kjøp og spørsmål i etterkant . Kikket egentlig etter brukt utstyr med pris på Vibrantsurf ble det heller nytt. Vedlig godt fornøyd med det.

Terje Bomann-Larsen

Mye for pengene!

Ingrid Mortensen Kallevig

VIBRANT SURF - Wingfoil pakke 2023

marco rimensberger
wing foil package

Very happy with the product! All you need to get started. high quality for a very good price. Excellent customer service!